Thursday, October 20, 2011

Windows problems associated with registry errors

If the registry is full of errors and not checked regularly, then a lot of problems can arise. Even though the computer may be new and there are not any visible errors, there is still the need to check the registry because errors will ultimately accumulate and cause severe problems. Some of the most common errors that we face when we are using the computer are directly caused by having a lot of errors in the windows registry. One of the most common is that as time passes, the computer takes longer to start up. This is due to the fact that the computer has to access the windows registry on startup and thus if this is full then this will take longer. In the worst cases, there might even be the case where one cannot start Windows.
Constant crashes whilst using applications and numerous error messages are also two problems caused by the windows registry being full of errors. This may be caused by broken paths, missing links and obsolete start menu items. These occur because when something is deleted, it is never deleted to the full. Also, this may be caused by having outdated recent files list and invalid fonts.
In some extreme cases due to high fragmentation, the registry file size exceeds the registry size limit assigned by Windows, thus disallowing any modifications. Obsolete shared DLLs and folders, unused and unwanted drivers and file extension associations are also problems directly related to the windows registry.
Ultimately all of this will all result in slowness of the system operating speed and poor performance. Thus one can use Registry Booster 2009 by Uniblue, a leading registry repair software utility to defrag, clean and repair the registry. By using this software regularly it will dramatically improve the performance and stability.

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