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Basic Computer Components

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Basic Computer Components

computer components
Computers come in all different shapes and forms (examples: desktops, laptops), but the main components that make up a computer pretty much stay the same. Components can also be refereed to as; hardware or parts. Throughout this website I will explain the various components in a PC computer, and try my best to give you the information you need to better understand how your computer works. Some of this information is considered basic computer knowledge, but there is no better place to start with than with the basics. Knowing this valuable information can help you if you are going to buy, repair, maintain or even build your own computer.

Every computer Consists of the following basic components:
  1. Computer Case - Where all of the components are stored.
    computer case
  2. CPU - It is basically the brain of your computer. The CPU is a used to process everything from basic to complex functions in a computer.
    computer cpu
  3. RAM - RAM is memory that attaches to the motherboard. RAM is hardware used to temporarily store and access data.
    computer ram
  4. Motherboard - A Motherboard is the most important component in a computer system. All of the other hardware in a computer system connect to the motherboard.
    computer motherboard
  5. Power Supply - A Power Supply is the sends power to all of the other hardware so they can operate.
    computer power supply
  6. Hard Drive - A Hard Drive is used for permanently storing files and programs.
    computer hard drive
  7. Disk Drives - Disk Drives can be a floppy drive, CD drive, DVD drive or other possible file storage devices that are used in a computer.
    computer disk drives
  8. Video Card - A Video Card is the part of a computer system that converts binary code from the CPU so you can view it on a monitor.
    computer video card
  9. Monitor - The part of a computer that allows you to see what the computer is processing.
    Computer Components | Monitor
  10. Keyboard - A keyboard allows a computer user to enter text commands into a computer system.
    Computer Components | Keyboard
  11. Mouse - A mouse allows a computer user to use a point and click interface to enter commands.
    Computer Components | Mouse


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