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Gaming Computer Components

Gaming Computer Components

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If you plan on doing some online gaming you will need to make sure you have the proper components inside your computer. Playing intense games on your computer requires a faster CPU, more RAM and a good video card.
Components to Consider:
Faster CPU
You will need to make sure that your cpu can keep up and accomadate all of the processes of the computer game you are playing. You should pick up a cpu with an L2 cache of atleast 2 MB. Some good processors that I would recommend are: Intel’s Pentium Dual Core, Core i7, Core 2 Duo, or Core 2 Quad; Phenom; and AMD’s Athlon 64 X2.
computer cpu
More RAM
You will need atleast 2 GB of ram to set up a solid gaimng rig. The ram is used to temporarily store non-graphical memory. Having more ram will make your gaming experience faster and smoother.
computer ram
Better Video Card
If you are going to be gaming you should look for a video card with the latest expansion slots. You should opt for PCI Express instead of the old agp standard. You should be looking for a video card with more internal ram if you want to play on a higher resolution. You might also want to consider running a sli configuration.
video cards
If you are going to be doing some serious gaming you might also want to consider a bigger hard drive, bigger monitor, and a good sound card. These can also increase your gaming experience. When you are looking to upgrade your computers components for gaming, you should also make sure that your motherboard supports all of the new components that you are buying.


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