Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Computer Sound Card Knowledge

Computer Sound Card Knowledge

A Computer Sound Card is an internal component in your computer that processes audio files to provide high-quality playback through the computer speakers. It can process and play most computer file formats, including MIDI, .wav, and .mp3. This means it can play both voice and music.
Some PC Sound Cards are built into the computer’s motherboard (Integrated sound), but most people looking for surround sound or 3-D sound usually buy a separate sound card. This means that the initial sound card can be disabled to install a higher quality card. Most game designers use 3-D sound to provide dynamic sound that changes based on a players position in the game. 3-D sound provides sound from several directions and makes the gamer feel like they are in a more realistic environment. Surround sound is similar to 3-D sound and also has sound coming from several directions, but the sound does not change based on the listeners actions. Both the quality of a computer's speakers and the sound card affect the overall sound quality.
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Computer Sound cards come with a variety of ports (jacks). These ports are used to plug in things such as computer speakers, headphones, microphones, MIDI (Musical Instrumental Digital Interface) keyboards and joysticks. Depending on the type of sound card you buy the microphone, headphones, digital, and speaker connectors will usually be color coded and labeled in the sound cards instruction manual for easy hookup. The digital sound jacks for computer sound cards can come in a single RCA, DIN, or special type of connector depending on what sound card you purchase. The midi port is available on some sound cards and is used for connecting a midi keyboard and some gaming accessories such as paddles, or a joystick.
There are two different types of computer sound cards; ISA sound cards, and PCI sound cards. ISA sound cards are relatively cheaper in price and are more common in older computers. PCI computer sound cards, being newer and more technologically up to date, have a lot of advantages over ISA. These advantages include compatibility with SoundBlaster, a low load on the CPU, a high quality audio out, a high quality microphone in, direct sound 3-D hardware support, MIDI synthesis hardware support, and a line out connection to home Hi-Fi equipment.
Installing a new computer sound card is a great way to improve the overall sound experience while using your computer.


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